Saturday, September 10, 2005

I'll be seeing you

I sense that someone who lives in the apartment directly above ours is a reincarnation of me in the 6th grade. They’re constantly blasting No Doubt’s ‘Tragic Kingdom.’ Sure, it’s arguably No Doubt’s best album but I’m not in the 6th grade and I’m extremely adept at picking out bass lines from a distance, so how about a little variety?

This afternoon, instead of doing homework, I decided to watch ‘The Notebook,’ because apparently I hate myself.

Friday, September 09, 2005

happy mardi gras

At the newspaper’s weekly staff meeting this afternoon, we were being vastly inappropriate. Let’s just say I came home wearing Mardi Gras beads. Of course I firmly reprimanded the editor & chief for being so callous and endorsing “Katrina related prizes,” but there’s just something about those plastic beads, ya know? In spite of such sentiments as, "What's wrong with you?" and "You're a sick fuck;" we couldn’t help but play along. I am very much a fan of humor that, on the surface, crosses the line. (When in reality it’s mocking A) people who really do cross the line B) our high level of sensitivity and C) the line itself.) But is this too soon?

I feel like Katrina can be put into the same category as 9/11. Though different genres of tragedy (terrorism v. nature), they are comparable for the catastrophic loss of life (though Katrina obviously being greater) and the exposure of vast weaknesses in the world's most powerful nation. So what if people were cracking jokes a week or so after the towers collapsed? Well, perhaps people were?

There’s a fine “too soon” line that separates edgy satire and insensitivity. Things aren’t funny because they’re offensive, but offensive things are funny. Not long after The Challenger exploded, my dad happened to be cutting up an expired credit card, and he tossed the pieces onto the countertop and called it a reenactment. I guess we just need to laugh.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

oh snap!

I will admit that the term "Oh snap!" comes out of my mouth on a fairly regular basis, and it comes out when I'm talking to people who don't understand it, like my mom. I was talking to her on the phone last night and for some reason I said, "Oh snap!" She informed me that 'O Snap' is a function in auto cad, the drafting software she uses at work. You see, my mom is a super-smart electrical engineer, way smarter than I'll ever be. Sometimes I think my parents were disappointed to have birthed such a dumb child, wait-- dumb is not the right word. I believe 'exceedingly lazy' is the term I'm looking for. My smart, smart parents birthed a naturally intelligent child who happened to be inherently sloth and thus squanders her potential.

Speaking of which, I just updated my resume and took all food related jobs off. Maybe I should link it here in a pdf. Would you hire me? Of last year's graduating class from IU's School of Journalism (one of the top journalism schools in the nation) only 4 graduates have found jobs so far. I'm doomed--- DOOMED!

Right now I find myself with some free time on my hands for the first time in two weeks. I think I'll go spike my blood sugar, watch The Simpsons and take a nap. This is the first weekday since I've returned to Bloomington that I never once stepped into the newsroom. It's refreshing and yet... I feel a void. (which is unsettling.)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I like to stack things

I thought I was impressive because about a year ago I had one of my photos published on the back cover of an arts magazine (and another photo published inside) but the other day I noticed many copies of the magazine, that exact issue, in a trash can. Depressing.

Here is my amazing Pepsi tower:

When I was a freshman in college, I would stack up Pepsi cans in my dorm room. In my absence someone told my roommate that it was “really cool” that I stacked pop cans. She thought it was some sort of anti-alcohol statement because I wasn’t stacking beer cans.

Then just last week our landlord came over and when I asked her if there was a recycling service (for all my cans) she noted that I was the only tenant who had asked that question and that I was very admirable for doing so.

People imply that I’m such a noble person, but in all honesty, I just like to stack things.

Monday, September 05, 2005


Does anyone else find this email from my step mother a little amusing, or at the very least- just a little off? Maybe it's just me...

Hi Joanna,
Thanks for your info. I'm glad that your classes are going well. Is this your Spanish conversation/composition class? I really enjoyed mine.

I'm devastated by the news and pictures of the hurricane victims. I had nightmares last night and I cannot watch any more. I think they'll find tens of thousands of people in their homes who could not get onto their roofs or out, mostly elderly and ill.

I hope you have a good holiday!


Sunday, September 04, 2005

well balanced news, er diet

My dinner, which lasted from 3pm – 8pm consisted of: onion rings (with special zesty onion ring sauce), 2 bags of peanut M&Ms (hey, the first one I tried to buy got stuck in the vending machine, so I had to buy two), “Jell-O cake” (whatever that is, but it was good), and a can of cherry coke. MMmm, the diet of a journalist.

Right now I’m in the newsroom and we’re busy coming up with hilarious headlines for Monday’s Rehnquist news. (ie “verdict is in: cancer wins” “God rules: Rehnquist dead” etc)