Thursday, August 04, 2005

what one won't do for $120

I knew others would want to read about the outrageous things that occur at my NYC magazine internship, (b/c they are quite entertaining) but now people at work read this, and my blog has been accessed via the office modem many a time, and thus, I feel forced to zip it.

I will say this, however. There is a fine line between internship and ridiculous farce. After the events of yesterday, my work experience has bypassed the line and traveled far, far, far over into the realm of one side. I’ll give you a hint: it’s not the “internship” side.

If I can’t talk about crazy office shenanigans, there’s always my trashy NJ roommate, right? Right? Wrong. We’ve actually become great friends, smashing friends. I have nothing bad to say about her and I’m going to miss her. Roommates that saki bomb together are friends 4 life. (and last night we met some former members of the Palestinian army, and they were nice enough, but they wouldn't stop talking in Hebrew which really pissed of friend-mate.)

Where’s the scandal? Where’s the intrigue? Uh, multiple people have encouraged me to take “Teddy Scares” back home to Indiana with me. But I don’t want that ugly thing that everyone in the office has molested. It probably has a sexually transmitted infection.


Blogger Tim Duffy said...

I say you spill the beans about your lurid internship. Who's gonna be offended? Me? As Balki would say "Don' Be Redicurous!"

9:22 AM  

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