Sunday, August 14, 2005

say hello to X-TREME

Yesterday I had an x-treme, hardcore, badass board riding accident. The ocean totally kicked my ass. Granted, the board was of the ‘boogie’ variety, and thus, this will make me sound lame, but boogie boarding takes some mad skills. I’m not kidding. If you jump on your board too late you can miss a sweet wave, but if you jump on too early, you’ll be coughing up sand for days.

Here is a graphical representation of what happened to me. (drawn by yours truly)

Frame three chronicles the faceplant. It felt like someone punched me in the face, but really, the wave punched my face into the sand. On the upside, I discovered an alternative to collagen injections. (fat lips are sexy, am I right?)

I like to look on the bright side. My nose is *probably* not broken and my spine only hurts a little bit. Hooray!


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