Monday, August 29, 2005

midwestern manners

Today I had to hand out free newspapers on campus. I was expecting it to be miserable. I expected students to be like, "Get out of my way, I'm late for class." I expected it to be worse than handing out free magazines in NYC because I wasn't forcing free things upon random strangers, but rather, degrading myself among my peer circle.

Actually it was delightful. Every single person I offered a paper to was pleasant and polite. The sweet melody of cheerful "No Thank you's" flowed through the air if the newspaper was rejected. (Ok, there was one girl who looked at the paper in disgust and said, "I don't think I want THAT." But she probably didn't know how to read.) Plus, I didn't have to hand out hundreds and hundreds, just 75 split between 3 people.

Not surprisingly, I was very skilled in getting a free publication off my hands-- handed out 25 papers in about 3 minutes and went back to take the burden off my fellow hander-outers.

It feels so strange to work for a publication that pays me, gives me valuable experience and doesn't have riduculously high handing-out-free-stuff expectations. (and if we reach our goal of handing out 5,000 papers, we get free pizza.)

I was about to say "BUT, it's not in NYC." However, I've recently realized that Bloomington, IN is a lot more like NYC than I thought. There are hoards of people walking everywhere. (excpet they're all going to class.) And there are a lot of really random weird people... and bums. For example, the other day I saw this random dude playing Bagpipes along Kirkwood Ave.


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We've lost you forever.

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