Monday, August 22, 2005

bang! there goes the news

Before I say anything else, I’d just like to acknowledge how much I’m enjoying Colin’s cable TV. I didn’t realize how much I missed shows like Celebrity Fit Club. When I lived at home, my mom cut down to basic cable, so all I really watched was C-Span and Passions. I should enjoy my whiney celebrities while I can, because come tomorrow, when I actually move into my apartment, ain’t gonna be no mo’ TV. [me & roomie is too cheap for that shit. (expect me to be crashing your pad to watch the Daily Show, etc.)]

Also, the world of the daily news is newstastic. Being an editor at a large student newspaper is quite a change from being an intern at a small, nonexistent magazine. I’m still incompetent and have no experience, but the biggest change is that I’m real real real busy and I have less time for rubber band fights. I’m not sure if my current headache is from stress or a lack of caffeine, but I assure you, this whole not being a deadbeat thing will be a monumental change for me.


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