Saturday, July 30, 2005

I love Bobby the Bartender

Roommate quote of the day: “Jake smells really good, but he has man boobs I think.”

For the past month my roommate has been guilt tripping me because I owe her two drinks. She makes me look like such a cheap bastard, but I offered to pay for my own drinks at the time. She just prefers to buy me drinks and nag me about it later. I’ve offered to pay her back, pay her cab fare, etc, but she sternly says, “I’d prefer the drinks.”

So last night I finally had to anti-up. As soon as we got to the bar, she insisted that we go to the terrace immediately. “But it's so expensive up there!” I whined. She didn’t care. So I asked Roomie what she wanted and pushed my way to the bar to buy her damned vodka tonic. As soon as I made eye contact with the bartender, I knew he recognized me. I quickly grabbed my roommate to tell her the good news: “Bobby the Bartender is here!!!”

Bobby the Bartender always gives us free drinks all night long. Muahahahaha. (that was supposed to be maniacal laughter... because I weaseled my way out of buying drinks again, get it?)

“My nice girls are here!” Bobby exclaimed.
“Bobby, you’re my favorite,” said Roomie.
“Bobby, you’re my hero,” said I.

Bobby squirted the seltzer hose thing to indicate his tears of joy.

The first time we went to this bar, we ordered drinks from Bobby and for some reason he decided we were “the nice girls.” Hey, I’m not going to question it.


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