Sunday, July 10, 2005

coming to terms with mortality [kiss-my-grits-style]

My suitemate’s fear of death is really irritating. I don’t want to hear anymore whiney phone conversations with such cliché lamentations as, “I don’t wanna die!” or the ever popular, “I’m too young to die!” Please.

It was a little funny when she stammered and called NY the biggest ‘terrorist attack place’ ever. Forget ‘the empire state,’ we’ve got a new slogan.

We were all a little antsy riding the subway the day of the London bombing, but as an average citizen, worrying about a terrorist attack does less good than worrying about elephants escaping the zoo and stampeding your house.

I know what you’re thinking. I’m just bitter because when I came to NY, I thought I would get to be the resident hick, being from Indiana and all. But the fearful suitemate is from Oklahoma. I can ride my tractor and chew on straw all I want. Doesn’t matter. She has me beaten, ten fold. Yeehaw.


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